Terms and Conditions of Use

The use of this whistleblower service is available to employees, hired staff, consultants, trainees and similar agents of our clients (“Client”) in accordance with every Client’s whistleblower policy. When you use White Paper Advisors Sweden AB’s (”WPA”) whistleblower service, Trumpet (”Trumpet”), the following applies.

The Use of Trumpet

Trumpet may be used to report instances of misconduct where there is a public interest in their being revealed. Such misconduct may consist of, for example:

The above list is not exhaustive. Further information about what kinds of misconduct can be reported through Trumpet may be found in your organisation’s internal whistleblowing guidelines.

Please note that we will communicate with you via Trumpet should we need to ask you some follow-up questions, or inform you of any updates to the case. This can be done completely anonymously.

Handling of Personal Data

WPA will process the information and personal data that you submit to Trumpet. This will be conducted on behalf of the Client, and in accordance with the Client’s instructions. This also applies to your personal data, should you choose to disclose your identity to the Client. For more information on how the Client processes your personal data, we refer you to the Client’s personal data policy and whistleblower policy.

Should you choose to remain completely anonymous, neither WPA nor the Client will be able to obtain or process your personal data.

Should you choose to remain anonymous to the Client but disclose your identity to WPA’s case worker, WPA or WPA’s case worker will not provide the Client with any details about you. If this is the case, WPA will be responsible for your personal data until you actively choose to disclose your identity to the Client.

Your personal data will only be processed with your consent, which you can choose to give in connection with submitting your personal data. The purpose of the processing of your personal data is to handle the complaint that you submit, to contact you should any further examination of the circumstances you have reported be needed, and to inform you of any updates to the case.

Should you wish for WPA to stop processing your personal data, in the event that you are anonymous to the Client, you can contact WPA’s data protection officer via email: dpo@whitepaperadvisors.se. For more information about your rights, and how WPA processes your personal data when you choose to remain anonymous to the Client, see this section of WPA’s personal data policy.